The Company

Old technology was born as a new and original proposal of fashion as a result of the conjunction of the Spanish business initiative with the Italian design. This is a formula that combines the more advanced design "Urban Tech" and technological fabrics of high quality, giving rise to a product produced entirely in Italy that is hard to find in the international market.

Old Technology is a company created in Spain with a marked international character for Swiss, Italian and Spanish professionals behind its creation, with a proven track record in the world of fashion and design at the national and international levels.


The Team

Old Technology is formed by an international team of professionals of extensive and reputable career in the world of fashion. The design and the production is directed by an Italian team, being the technological area managed by our Swiss directive in this department, while the logistics and administration is directed from Spain, a country where lies the headquarters of the Company.

This group of professionals have shared their experience and know how to develop a new product that combines the Italian design with the Swiss technology to give place to a line of clothing with a marked style "Urban Tech ", made under the highest quality standards, with technological fabrics used up to now only in extreme sports clothing, tailored to the needs of life in the city.