It is a project designed to create a product that, in addition to the importance of design offer technical characteristics of the latest generation. The objective is to overcome the limited past trends in order to enter into new conception in which the technical aspect represents a characteristic of the garments "Urban Tech " of the future, while maintaining a high level of design. The manufacturing process of the garments Casco combines the Italian craft tradition with the new Swiss technologies resulting in a product that is second to none.


The outer fabrics used in Casco garments are treated with Teflon to make them waterproof, antibacterial, wind resistant and virtually unbreakable. Has implemented an internal membrane that has the dual function of regulating body temperature by retaining the heat, by regulating the amount of heat required by the body and ensuring the transpiration thanks to a system of "ventilation holes" that allows the smell of sweat to dissipate but keeping the garment fully waterproof.